Preview of the Slot Game Nitropolis 3

If you’ve been keeping up with ELK Studios’ hilarious Nitropolis series, you’re already familiar with the bleak metropolises they depict. In this post-apocalyptic setting, four distinct animal factions compete for access to Nitro, which is used to power vehicles. The clans have fled the city and ended up on a tropical beach. Perhaps Sergeant Nitro Wolf had something to do with them leaving. Nitropolis 3’s new environment offers several interconnected elements, an expanding collection of reels, and ELK’s greatest potential to yet.

Relaxing on the beach isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you imagine life after the end of the world. Still, a day excursion out of town may help the healing process along once the dust has cleared and everyone is trying to get back to normal. In ELK’s imagination, this is a beach complete with palm palms, lounge chairs, beach shacks, and barrels of hazardous materials. A curious crab darts in and out of the sand, while the urban nightmare of the metropolis is occasionally visible beyond the game grid. The graphics and the audio aren’t as impressive as they were in the previous Nitropolis games. N3 consumption was like to receiving a favorite burger without cheese. Though it may not provide quick gratification, your palate will thank you once the greasiness and saltiness hit you.

Moving away from fast food for a second, Nitropolis 3 continues the tradition of the greatest explosions occurring during gameplay. Although the RTP is the same at 95%, this material is just as explosive as the previous two and can go off at any time. Note that when playing in X-iter mode, where each of the five choices has its own price tag, the RTP is the same as when playing in standard mode with stakes ranging from 20 p/c to £/€50 each spin.

The initial playing field consists of 6 reels and 4 rows, giving a total of 4096 possible winning combinations. A winning manner is formed when three or more identical symbols appear on adjacent reels; wins pay from left to right, but can also occur when identical symbols appear on reels two and four. The J through A symbols are the lowest paying, the four clan emblems in the middle, and the four animal characters are the most paying. If you get a six symbol combination, you’ll get paid out at the low rate of 0.3x, the medium rate of 0.8-1x, and the high rate of 2-5x. There are four different sizes of wilds and pay symbols: 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, and 4×4. The larger the symbol, the more 1x1s it has.

Features of the Nitropolis 3 Slot

Things may seem ordinary now, but Nitropolis 3 is loaded with exceptional symbols and features designed for development. The Avalanche function comes first; it’s responsible for clearing the screen of winning symbols, replacing them with new ones, and creating a new row. If a string of victories keeps happening, the avalanche will keep going, up to a maximum of 8 rows high.

Blazing-Fast Nitro Reels

Nitro Reels may hold 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 of the same symbol type across two symbol places. Big Nitro Reels appear in Part 3 as well, expanding to span a total of 6 slots and counting as 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 regular 2×2 symbols. After contributing to a victory, Nitro Reels will remain in place and re-spin.

Exceptional Symbols

Any random appearance of a special sign might have unexpected consequences, like as

The Nitro Reels will respin while the bonus symbols and the symbols for the Nitro feature will remain from the previous drop.

All victories pay both left to right and right to left, so any direction is valid.

When a Nitro Match occurs, all of the Nitro Reels that are directly next to the Nitro Match, or on the same reel, will show a matching pay symbol.

This symbol improvement is accompanied by Nitro Reels, which appear on the same or neighboring reels and may store an additional set of symbols.

Nitro Wild: All Nitro Reels symbols on the same or neighboring reels are converted into Wilds.

Freebie Item

Free games of 8, 12, 16, or 20 are awarded for landing 3, 4, 5, or 6 Zeppelin scatters. A few details have shifted. One is that all Nitro Reels remain around for the entirety of the bonus round, piling on top of each other when new ones appear. For every free spin you win, the safety level will grow by one row, up to a maximum of eight rows. Therefore, subsequent free spins will begin at the same high security level as the previous one. The Super Bonus Game is triggered by using the Super Bonus symbol to win free games. The Super Bonus Game requires 8 rows and the activation of Both Ways. Both of the free-spins bonuses can be activated again.


These days, it’s unusual to find an ELK game without an X-iter menu. When X-iter mode is on, players have the following options in Nitropolis 3:

For an additional 2x the wager, you can take one spin with double the odds of triggering the bonus round.

One spin of the Big Nitro Reel is guaranteed to return 10 times the wager.

For 25 times your wager, you can play Nitro Match, which guarantees a Nitro Match and activates Both Ways.

Free spins may be accessed at a 100x wager bonus.

The Super Bonus game may be accessed by wagering 500x the amount of the original stake.

Slots in Nitropolis 3: The Final Say

Nitropolis 3 combines many of the features at which ELK excels, like expanding reels, several ways to win, unique symbols, X-iter betting possibilities, and outlandish themes. In other words, it’s like a mashup of Nitropolis and the Gold Series. Sometimes it seemed like we were right in the middle of a new Kane slot, rather than the wacky future of Nitropolis that we’re used to. Although replicating Kane’s game concept may be viewed as ELK taking the easy way out, the advantages far outweigh the drawbacks.

The gameplay is as polished as ever, with tons of optional features that can spontaneously spark off of or build upon one another. It’s just that with so many new rows, Nitropolis now has even more breathing room. If Nitropolis 3 had provided the same opportunities as its predecessors, this may have been an issue, overkill. The phrase “this is not the case” is, nevertheless, a gross understatement.

The fact that Nitropolis 3 is ELK’s highest-paying slot machine serves as the game’s main draw. The 10,000x victory cap in the preceding two games was called into question due to the vast number of possible outcomes. Perhaps a lot at odds, given that Nitropolis 2 has the potential to generate over 190 million different winning combinations. It’s clear that ELK took the criticism to heart, since they’ve come out swinging with a 50,000x maximum win for Nitropolis 3. I have to admit, with all that weaponry, Nitropolis 3 reaching its limit will be an impressive sight.

Nitropolis 1 and 2 were like being enveloped in a cozy blanket of dystopian fantasy, where players had no option but to hold on for the ride of their lives. The lengthy, dark shadow of Kane does decrease the immersion to some degree, but there are still moments of clarity in the third installment as well. In the end, though, Nitropolis 3 serves as a kind of snapshot montage, a zenith of what ELK Studios is all about right now, thanks to its frenzy of invention, crazy features, and gigantic potential.

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